276pcs UHMW-PE pipelines are working well

Last time we shared the news of our 276cs UHMW-PE pipelines. Do you remember? We recently received feedback of the pipelines from the client. Here it is.

Our client sent some photos of the site. The photos look beautiful, and our pipelines are used well. From the production to the pipelines used in the client’s project, we spend more than 6 months. We are so happy to see the pipelines well used at the site. Everything we did was worth it.

The Pipelines with pipe floats and discharge rubber hoses are all from us. We are honored to be their good partner. Different from HDPE Pipes, UHMW-PE pipes have higher performance and are more hard-wearing, which make them more suitable for mining project. Before, our client used HDPE pipes on their dredging project, but this time they awarded the mining project. So they choose UHMW-PE pipelines, which have better wear resistance and are more suitable for mining projects.

If you are looking for dredging pipeline solutions, please just contact Nanjing DEERS for more details: info@dredgingline.com.

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