BV Inspection of Floating Dredging Hoses

Recently, Nanjing Deers completed the production of one batch of floating dredging hoses. According to the client’s requirements, floating dredging hoses were tested by the BV department. The content of this BV inspection is the appearance, size, water pressure, and bending test of the self-floating hose.

floating dredging hose

In terms of appearance, the floating dredging hoses have two marks: the main logo in the middle and English on the side. BV inspectors checked the logo and observed whether the appearance was smooth, cracked, flanged and hose cavity. The size measurement selects a certain number randomly, and mainly measures the flange parameters (outer diameter, center distance, number, and diameter of holes) as well as the inner diameter and length of the hoses.

test of floating dredging hose-3
test of floating dredging hose-1
test of floating dredging hose-2

As for the water pressure test, no pressure relief was observed when the pressure was held for 5 minutes under the test pressure. The measured data showed that the hose body became longer and the outer diameter of the hose body became smaller, indicating that the hose body would become longer and thinner under the condition of increasing pressure.

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test of floating dredging hose-4

Bending test is carried out at the working pressure, using the method of drawing parallel lines to measure the included angle between the two flanges, adding water to make the pressure reach the working pressure, using the electric hoist to bend the pipe body to the designed angle, observe the changes or abnormalities of the hosebody, the test results without pressure relief and crack.

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