Deliver rubber flexible hoses to Indonesia

Nanjing Deers has finished all the production of 18pcs rubber flexible hoses in advance compared with the promised lead time with our clients. 

Our QC department also finished the inspection for the flexible hoses before delivery.

Normally testing of the hoses includes: bending testing, visual inspection,  and pressure testing (1.5 times of working pressure). All of the testing results meet ISO standards. And these rubber flexible hoses will be used in clents’ mining projects soon.

The biggest difference between this type of hose and normal discharge rubber hoses is that this rubber flexible hose is without flanges. And often used in mining projects, but can also be used as a connecting hose between plastic pipelines or steel pipelines. Maybe there will come a question in your brain-How to connect the rubber flexible hoses? Normally will use couplings to install and connect these no-flange rubber flexible hoses.

We have produced the rubber flexible hose for our client since 2018. Before they confirm to use our products, they have made trial order before formal orders. However, after a trial order in 2018, they start to purchase this flexible hose from us every year. Then we become good partners, besides, we also produced many floating rubber hoses for them.

Our proposal is not the cheapest but it is the most competitive with very good quality and price.

If you are interested in trial order of our rubber hoses, please just contact us as below.

Nanjing Deers Industrial Co., Ltd
Tel: +86-25 84507790

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