Delivery of Dredging Floating Hoses Successfully to America

In July, Nanjing Deers ships ID450mm dredging floating hoses to America for the dredging project successfully. The working pressure of hoses is 15bar. Self-floating hoses are one of the best sellers among dredging hose products with the most favorable price and the best performance.

Self floating hoses have corrosion resistance, wind and wave resistance, high working pressure, long service life, and good self-floating performance. They are especially suitable for construction in working waters with large wind and waves.

floating hose to America-1
Floating Hose

Before shipment, We do some specific tests to ensure the quality of dredging floating hoses which includes dimension testing, tensile testing, water pressure testing, bending testing, buoyancy, and so on.

testing of floating hose ID450mm-2
floating hose to America-2
testing of floating hose ID450mm-1

We Nanjing Deers offers one-stop service from design to project site. Every step quality is controlled very well. Please contact us for more information and competitive pricing.

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