Delivery of Dredging Floating Hoses to North America

We are glad to share that 36pcs dredging floating hoses ordered by our North American customer have been all delivered.

The 36pcs of hoses will be delivered in 2 batches, a total of 24 pcs were delivered in the first batch and 12 pcs in the second batch. All workers in Nanjing Deers are running at full capacity for timely delivery.

dredging-floating hose-1
dredging-floating hose-2

All specifications are custom designed and manufactured according to project specifications and customer requirements. The working pressure of the hose is 20bar and the burst pressure is 75bar.

dredging-floating hose-4
dredging-floating hose-3

Dredging projects are carried out all over the world to keep ports and waterways free for large trading ships, to make them deeper and even to build new ones where there are none.

If you are interested in learning more about these types of hoses or the projects in which they have been used, please feel free to contact us:

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