Dredging Project of Deep Water Approach Channel of Wenzhou Port

Recently, the dredging project of the deep water approach channel of Wenzhou Port started.

The dredging project mainly includes three parts: the outer channel, the channel of Zhuangyuan’ao Port Area, and the channel of Daxiaomen Island Area.

The scale of the outer channel includes 50,000-ton double-line, 266,000-cubic-meter LNG ship single-line, and 100,000-ton ship single-line tide navigation. The scale of the Zhuangyuan’ao port area includes 50,000-ton dual-lane, 215,000-cubic-meter LNG ship single-lane full tide, and 100,000-ton single-lane tidal navigation. The channel in Daxiaomen Island Port includes single-lane full-tide navigation for 266,000 cubic meters of LNG ships.

Dredging Project

The total mileage of the channel is 42.1 kilometers, and the engineering volume of the designed dredging section is about 10 million square meters. The project will effectively improve the navigation level of Wenzhou Port.

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