Dredging Hose

Dredging hoses are an indispensable part of the discharge process for dredging and mining. We supply flexible solutions for dredging hoses, which are used for slurry transport to the shore. The main dredging hoses include floating hoses for behind dredgers, Discharge hoses for dredging lines, and suction hoses that can withstand negative pressure.

discharge dredging hose

Discharge Dredging Hose

Discharge dredging hose is part of discharge pipeline for dredger, usually with the pipe floater, HDPE pipe, or steel pipe connected in one set of pipelines. Nanjing Deers’ discharge hoses can be supplied with every size, and equipped with any kind of flange according to your need. Besides, we have armored discharge hoses and ceramic hoses for your choice, which are used for discharging rather abrasive slurries.

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Nanjing Deers can supply flexible solutions for your project.

Floating Dredging Hose

Dredging floating hose is equipped with PE foam body, adjusted to the buoyance according to the need. The hose has good flexibility for the most challenging working environments. It can withstand wind, and waves and is suitable for the harshest sea or mining conditions. We can design solutions according to the working conditions and soil types of your dredging or mining operation.

floating dredging hose

Nanjing Deers will help you choose the most suitable hoses according to the type of soil you are going to process.

floating dredging hose

Suction Dredging Hose

Suction dredging hose can bear negative pressure. The hoses are designed to make tighter bends under severe working conditions without knuckling. It usually is installed between the dredger and pump and works to absorb the mud. We can customize the size according to your need.

All dredging hoses are manufactured and tested strictly in accordance with ISO28017:2011 Standards, and hoses can be inspected and tested by clients or a third party, like DNV, ABS, LR, BV, SGS, and etc


If you need help finding suitable dredging hoses for the slurry transport, welcome to send messages to us, and our technical team will help you.

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