FAQ of Dredging Hoses

Our dredging rubber hoses are produced and tested in accordance with ISOIS028017-2011 standards.

In general, the inner diameter tolerances is ±5mm, the flange center distance is ±2mm or 1mm, the flange thickness is ±2mm, the flange diameter is ±1mm, the hose length is ±2%mm, the hose weight is ±5%. And if you  have special requirements, we can in accordance with your requirements.

When we design the buoyancy of the floating hose, the reserve buoyancy is generally 20%, that is, 20% of the hose body is floating on the water.

The minimum diameter can be 200mm.

The self floating hose has a parameter called SG coefficient, which is the density of the medium passing through the pipe. Only with this coefficient can we calculate whether the buoyancy of the pipe meets the requirements.

Have Questions?

If you have any other questions, please send a message to us, we will be very happy to help you!

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