Frequently Asked Questions

Our dredging rubber hoses are produced and tested in accordance with ISOIS028017-2011 standards.

In general, the inner diameter tolerances is ±5mm, the flange center distance is ±2mm or 1mm, the flange thickness is ±2mm, the flange diameter is ±1mm, the hose length is ±2%mm, the hose weight is ±5%. And if you  have special requirements, we can in accordance with your requirements.

When we design the buoyancy of the floating hose, the reserve buoyancy is generally 20%, that is, 20% of the hose body is floating on the water.

Generally about 35 kg, the higher the density, the heavier the weight, and the better the quality

We have a professional logistics team, which can perfectly solve your transportation problems and timely give you tracking feedback on logistics.

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