Floating Hose


Dredging floating hose is equipped with PE foam body, adjusted to the buoyance of the dredged material, usually used with dredgers for silt/gravel conveyance. Besides, it has good flexibility for the most challenging working environments. It can withstand wind, and waves and is suitable for the harshest sea or mining conditions. 

  • Strong flexural properties performance
  • Outer cover with excellent abrasion resistance and UV protection.
  • The suitable working temperature: from -20℃ to +50℃.

Structures of floating dredging hose

Equipped with PE foam body, adjusted to the buoyance of the dredged material.
When we design the buoyancy of the floating hose, the reserve buoyancy is generally 20%.

Type Inner Diameter(mm) Wear Layer(mm) Working Pressure(bar)
NDHF150 150 10-20 5-10
NDHF200 200 10-20 5-10
NDHF250 250 10-20 5-10
NDHF300 300 12-25 10-20
NDHF350 350 12-25 10-20
NDHF400 400 12-25 10-20
NDHF450 450 12-25 10-20
NDHF500 500 12-25 10-20
NDHF600 600 20-30 15-20
NDHF650 650 20-30 15-20
NDHF700 700 30-50 60-75
NDHF750 750 30-50 60-75
NDHF800 800 30-50 60-75
NDHF850 850 30-50 60-75
NDHF900 900 30-50 75-90
NDHF950 950 30-50 75-90
NDHF1000 1000 50-75 75-90
NDHF1050 1050 50-75 75-90
NDHF1100 1100 50-75 75-90
The above are some regular sizes, we can also customize specifications according to customer needs.

Due to the different dredging conveyance, we usually have different requirements for the wear resistance of the rubber hoses. 

In order to meet the requirements of different dredging projects, our floating hoses are lined with rings or ceramics in the internal structure to improve wear resistance. You can choose the appropriate hoses according to your needs.

Floating Hose

The conventional floating hose is our most commonly used discharge hose in dredging, which is suitable for most dredging projects. The suitable conveyance matters them are usually mud, clay, fine sand, fine-mid sand, and so on. 

Armoured Floating Hose

Armored floating hose has rings in the internal structure, which make it have good wear resistance. It is usually used for dredging sharp materials which have bigger volumes, and heavy specific materials like coarse sand, coral reef, or weathered rock.

Ceramic Floating Hose

Ceramic floating hose’s inner structure has ceramic pieces that make hoses have better wear resistance. They are suitable for the harshest sea or mining conditions. Compared with armored floating hoses, they have better wear resistance but are also more expensive.

Our manufacturing and testing of dredging hoses are strictly in accordance with ISO 28017-2011 Standard.
If you have other dredging needs, we also provide customization of dredging rubber hoses.



Equipped with professional production lines, we can meet the floating hose requirements of different dredging projects.


bending test-3
water pressure testing-3
bending test-1

We have fully equipped with test facilities, our professional technical staffs must perform strict performance tests to ensure the quality of our dredge rubber hoses, and any third-party inspection is also available.

water pressure testing-4
water pressure testin-2
bending test-2

Looking for the most suitable dredging hoses?

We Nanjing Deers supply flexible solutions for dredge hoses at dredgers

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