How to choose HDPE pipe floats?

HDPE pipe floats are the flotation of pipes, hoses, and cables for dredging, mining, and marine applications. They are an easy-to-install solution, which allows pipes to bend, while maintaining low resistance to waves, wind, and current. According to different application scenarios, it is mainly divided into the following two types:

cable floats

Cable Floats

Cable floats have very small size. The minimum inner diameter can reach 6mm, and its inner diameter is based on the inner diameter of the cable. Cable floats are mainly used for the flotation of fuel lines, dredges or pumps.

Hose Floats

Hose floats are widely used. Hose floats from Nanjing Deers are range from 110mm to 1200mm. They are perfect solution for dredging, mining and other industrial projects. Besides, we can also equip floats with buoy lights as needed to make the pipeline very eye-catching at night.

hose floats

There is no difference in material between the above two types. They are both made of high molecular polyethylene material, which is light weight, UV-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.

So how do we determine the number and specifications of HDPE pipe floats?

The number of pipe floats and parameter design need to be determined according to your project requirements. If you need to know the specific quantity, you first need to know the following parameters.

  • Outer diameter of the pipe
  • The length of the entire pipelines
  • The usage scenario of the pipe, that is, the material flowing through the pipe
  • The overall environment in which the pipe is used. Whether the product needs to work in extreme temperatures.

If you want to inquiry pipe floats, please contact us and we will provide the most suitable solution based on your project information.

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