ID300mm floating hoses were delivered to Europe successfully

ID300mm floating hoses manufactured by Nanjing Deers were delivered successfully, and will serve the transportation projects of aggregates soon in Europe. Our hoses are proud of one member of nature’s ” porters”.

Pipelines are great tools of dredging natural aggregates , so Nanjing Deers is one of greatest manufactures of the tools in the world. Aggregates are one very important component of our construction materials.

Natural fine aggregates in river, lake and sea are directly dredged by the dredge pumps of aggregate dredgers.  Coarse aggregates are firstly cut into small ones by dredger cutter teeth of cutter heads of marine vessels ; secondly, dredged by dredge pumps. Finally, all aggregates are delivered to designated locations by our dredging pipelines.

Welcome to contact us and together investigate dredging pipelines, which can meet your projects or dredgers.

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