ID500 Discharge Dredging Hoses Shipped to Europe

Very glad to share that our ID500 discharge dredging hoses are on the way to Europe, and if everything goes smoothly, our clients will use these products in their dredging project soon.

Discharge dredging hoses have good flexibility. They are common connection hoses and often used with plastic pipes or steel pipes. Usually, we use HDPE pipes or steel pipes, discharge hoses and pipe floats to form pipelines during our dredging projects, and it’s cost-effective to use this combination pipeline compared with floating rubber hoses. But if the wind and waves are too strong, we need to use anchors to hold the pipelines in place so that the pipelines will not bend too much during the working situation.

Nanjing DEERS is specialized in manufacturing dredging hoses, we have strict management systems to ensure our high-quality service. We make sure that all of our products will be tested before delivery and if you need we can also make third-party testing before the shipment. 

If you have any questions about our rubber hoses, welcome to contact us:

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