Main Inspection items for dredging hoses

The hoses used in dredging are mainly discharge rubber hoses, which can be divided into discharge hoses, suction hoses, self-floating hoses, etc. Under normal circumstances, after the production of hoses is completed, the hoses must be inspected to check whether the performance of the hoses meets the standards. The inspection can be factory self-inspection, or we can invite some well-known testing agencies such as BV to do testing. There may be slight differences in different hoses inspection items, but they are generally divided into the following categories.

  1. Appearance and size inspection

This test is mainly to check whether the dimensions of the hose meet the requirements. The test content mainly includes the length, diameter, flange hole diameter, etc. It is the most basic test.

  1. Bending inspection

This test is to test the bending performance of the hose. It is to add water to the hose to reach the working pressure, bend the hose to the designed angle, and measure the angle between the two flanges in parallel and observe whether there are changes or abnormalities in the hose.

  1. Water pressure inspection

The water pressure test is performed by injecting water into the hose. After reaching the test pressure, maintain the pressure for 5 minutes and observe whether there is pressure relief. As the pressure increases, the tube becomes longer and its outer diameter becomes smaller.

  1. Buoyancy inspection

The buoyancy test is for self-floating hoses, mainly testing whether the buoyancy of the hose meets the requirements. This test is not a routine test for hoses, and is generally only performed when requested by the customer.

In addition to the above inspections, we can also perform weight inspection on hoses, test rubber material properties, etc. All testing items are to ensure that the performance of the hose meets the requirements.

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