New batch of ID900mm tapered floating hoses is ready

Glad to share you that our ID900mm tapered floating hoses were delivered successfully. These hoses will be used in our client’s dredging project soon. Tapered floating hoses are different from the ordinary self-floating hoses. It is from one end zero buoyancy to normal buoyancy, and is between discharge dredging hose and self-floating hose.

Tapered Floating Hose is important connection of one whole floating pipeline from hopper dredger to floating pipeline, and it also has good flexibility as normal floating hoses. Max. length can be 11.92m and working pressure is according to requirement of your dredgers. If soil types are hard and sharp dredged materials like coral reef, gravel, metal mining, armored tapered self-floating hoses are one better option than normal tapered floating hoses. Armored tapered floating hoses have longer lifetime under same working conditions and safe operation.

Tapered floating hoses can directly connect the discharge end of CSD dredgers instead of discharge hose or suction hose. Some of our clients have approved this assembly. If you need dredging hoses, welcome to contact us for free.

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