New delivery of 48 sets pipe floats to the South Asia

We are so happy to share with you that our 48 sets pipe floats were delivered to the South Asia. Trust they will arrive at the destination well and will be used well for our client’s flexible composite hoses. Before, the client used some float steel pontoon to achieve the buoyancy for the hoses. But after some time, they found the pontoon easily be filled with water and it is heavy and large for installation and replacement. So they found us a better solution.

We suggest our HDPE floats to the clients. The floats are filled with cell-closed foam, which can solve the problem of filling the water inside. Besides, our floats are light and very easy to installation and replace. After consideration, our clients accepted our proposal. I am very happy and proud that we are helpful to our clients on their projects.

As we all know, HDPE floats are normally installed with HDPE pipes and steel pipes on dredging and mining projects. However, our floats also can be used with rubber hoses. We also have very small sizes for mooring ropes, and cables. We like solving the problems for our clients in the dredging and mining industry. So if you have any requirements accordingly, please just contact us without any hesitation:

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