HDPE pipe floats
Dredging News

Three types of dredging pipe floats, which one is better?

Metal Pipe Floats Metal pipe floats were the first to be used for floating dredging pipelines. They are usually made into square or round shapes, ...

 Tender of Dredging Maintenance and Bank Protection

The tenders are requirements of dredging maintenance work and bank protection with cutter suction dredgers from 2025 to 2026. Company: WESER-JADE-NORDSEE WATERWAYS AND Location:  Germany Contact: Bremen, ...
floating hoses -2
Deers News

48 pcs discharge rubber hoses were delivered successfully

Nanjing Deers recently delivered a batch of rubber hoses, including 40pcs ID600mm floating hoses, 4pcs sink rubber hoses and tapered floating hoses. All hoses were ...
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