OD1400xL1500mm Pipe Floaters to South America are in shipment

100sets OD1400xL1500mm Pipe Floaters of Nanjing DEERS had been arranged to ship to our clients in South America.  Pipe floaters can match with the steel pipe and HDPE pipe to provide great buoyancy to the whole pipeline.

Our OD1400xL1500mm Pipe Floaters will be assembled on the outer diameter 560mm and long 12m HDPE pipes, and they are very easy to be installed on pipes.

Pipe floaters are bright colors which make the pipeline very well visible even from a far distance. Now They are popular and widely used in dredging projects. Meanwhile, the sizes of Nanjing Deers pipe floaters can be designed and produced according to customer’s requests. If you are interested, welcome to contact us for more information.

Nanjing Deers Industrial Co., Ltd
Tel: +86-25 84507790
Email: info@dredgingline.com

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