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PE pipe floats are also known as hose float collar. They are always used with HDPE pipes, steel pipes, and rubber hoses to make the pipelines can work on the water. 

Nanjing Deers design, manufacture and supply all kind of pipe floats according to your project need. Color, size, and buoyancy can be customized according to requirements. Whether you require solutions for pipelines, we can provide dependable pipe floats.


  • Manufactured from polyethylene(MDPE/HDPE).
  • Lightweight and large buoyancy
  • Shock resistance, acid and alkali resistance
  • Easy to install and low cost for maintaining
  • Marine grade galvanized accessories
pipe floats

A pipe floater set comprises:

  • 2 pipe floaters halves
  • A galvanized assembly kit which includes:
    • 4 Rods
    • 4 Nuts
    • 8 Washers

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Below are regular sizes, we can also customize specifications according to your needs

Type of Ship Pipe I.D(mm) Floater O.D(mm) Floater I.D(mm) Floater Length
200m³/H Ø400- Ø420 Ø1300 Ø430 1020
350m³/H Ø5500- Ø560 Ø1300 Ø586 1200
Beaver 1600 Ø500 Ø1370 Ø522 1400
Beaver 3800 Ø650 Ø1500 Ø680 1800

What information should you provide to us?

  • Outer diameter of the pipe
  • The length of the entire pipelines
  • The usage scenario of the pipe, that is, the material flowing through the pipe
  • The overall environment in which the pipe is used. Whether the product needs to work in extreme temperatures.

Detailed project information helps us better design solutions for you.

UHMW-PE pipelines -Nanjing DEERS-2

Pipe Floats Spacing Guide

In general, 3 -4 sets for 11.8 meters of pipe.

We will recommend reasonable numbers of pipe floats according to your project needs.

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