Precautions when laying out dredging pipelines

When we use cutter suction dredger for dredging, the dredging pipelines is an essential part. Dredging pipelines are used to transport mud. If we do not arrange the dredging pipeline reasonably, it may cause damage to the pipeline and affect the progress of the project. In general, the layout of the dredging pipeline is mainly based on the flexible selection of the terrain to minimize its length and the impact of the mud on the pipeline during the mud discharge process. There are several factors that need to be considered in the overall layout:

(1) Since the pipeline is easily affected by water flow, wind and waves, and the impact force when the pump is stopped and closed during the construction process, the layout of the pipeline should be streamlined and curved, and the joints between the pipelines must be firm and reliable.

(2) The pipeline still needs to be exposed to the water surface during construction to facilitate maintenance and towing.

(3) The setting of the pipeline anchor should be determined according to the characteristics of the tide and water flow, and the best anchor position should be selected.

(4) The connection between the water sludge discharge pipeline and the land sludge discharge pipeline should be selected according to the terrain and water level changes. It is to prevent severe bending of pipe sections due to changes in tidal water levels.

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