Quality requirements for PE floats

In the actual use of the PE float, we mainly judge the quality of the PE float by the buoyancy of the PE float, the overall weight, the degree of plasticization of the plastic shell, the density of the inner foam, and the foam holes of the PE float.

dredging pipeline(3)
  • The buoyancy of the PE float

It is generally required to be greater than 30% of the pipeline’s own weight (including the mud with a specific gravity of 1.3). When the pipeline is working, the height above the water surface is about 1/4 of the height of the steel pipe;

  • The overall weight of the PE float

Not less than 3-5% of the order parameters. Because the weight of the PE floatis related to the weight of the shell of the PE float, and is related to the specific gravity and volume of the foam of the PE float. For a PE floatthat is too light, it is difficult to guarantee the strength of the plastic shell and the specific gravity of the foam. The specific gravity of the foam should be about 35 kg/m3;

  • The degree of plasticization of the plastic shell of the PE float

The inside of the plasticized PE floatshould be smooth and smooth without obvious particles. At this time, the plastic shell has the best tensile strength;

  • The density of the inner foam

Generally it should be about 35 kg/m3, and the tensile strength at this time is about 0.2MPA; slightly elastic, not sticky and not brittle is qualified; only the PE floatthat guarantees the above product standards at the same time is Really durable good float;

  • Foaming hole of the PE float

The welding must be firm, and the welding should be repaired when there is a leak.

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