Rubber pipe floats used in combined pipelines

Pipe floats are used to support HDPE Pipes and steel pipes to float on the seawater, river water or lake water. PE pipe floats are the most widely used. Besides, we have rubber pipe floats. Rubber floats and PE floats are very different in material. Rubber pipe floats are made of high wear resistance natural rubber and PU foam by vulcanizing technology, which gives it better performance.

Features of rubber pipe floats

  • Connected by galvanized bolts, nuts and washers. The reasonable structure performs well in tough dredging project condition.Easy to install and handle, low costs of maintenance.
  • Longer working life than PE floats.
  • Good toughness, shock resistance,wear-resistance. Resistance to the wind and waves or strike from ships, can adapt to bad weather.
  • Reasonable UV and OZONE resistance cover.

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