Successful delivery of 79pcs discharge hoses to our clients

Our four different sizes of 79pcs discharge hoses have been delivered to clients successfully. Among them, the longest rubber hose can reach 6000mm, and these hoses will be used in the client’s dredging project in the mid of September. As known, discharge hoses are ideal hoses in dredging projects with the feature of strength, reliable flexibility, and durability.

discharge hose-3
discharge hose-1
discharge hose-2

Before shipping, We carried out a third-party inspection as clients required. The tests include bending tests, pressure tests, visual inspections, and so on. There is no doubt that these discharge hoses perfectly pass through this inspection as Nanjing Deers possesses experienced craftsmen’s product development technology, an excellent production team, strict quality control, sales, and after-sales service.

discharge hose-4
discharge hose-6
discharge hose-5

Discharge hoses are suitable to convey dry abrasive materials or mixed with water, and they are reliable and safe to withstand even in the most extreme working conditions. Over 15 years, We Nanjing Deers show professional attitude in the dredging industry.

Nanjing Deers offers the best service and productions, including floating hoses, discharge hoses, suction hoses, armored hoses, etc. Please contact us for more information and competitive pricing:

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