The difficulties in the dredging projects of port channel

  • Excavation and transportation of hard soil layers:

After studying the relevant geological survey data, it was found that many deepwater channels are mainly composed of loose to medium dense or medium hard silty soil, sticky soil, and sandy soil, which are difficult to excavate or construct. In order to improve the efficiency of ship construction and operation, the following methods can be used for dredging construction:

dredging project

Firstly, choose a large-capacity trailing suction dredger with high-pressure washing facilities to excavate, and install soil-breaking blades on the tooth plate in front of the rake teeth to reduce the soil infiltration area and improve the efficiency of soil-breaking construction.

Secondly, according to the relevant geological survey data, analyze and study representative soil sections, collect and summarize various useful construction information, clarify the excavation methods, dredging speed, and optimal loading time for different soil types, especially for the construction of calcareous nodules, dense silty soil, and hard sticky soil. It is necessary to improve the efficiency of dredging equipment use and ship construction as much as possible.

Thirdly, in the actual construction process, the high-pressure washing mode should be turned on in a timely manner. Although the excavation speed of the grab dredger is fast, the pressure compensation of the waves is not high.

Fourthly, in the construction process, the frequency of adding density once a week should be maintained as much as possible, and the subsequent construction operations should be flexibly adjusted according to the actual excavation effect.

Fifthly, in the later stage of excavation, when encountering soil types such as silt, dense silty soil, or hard sticky soil, scraper and suction dredgers must be used for cleaning to effectively improve the cleaning efficiency.

  • Reasonable control of the plane and depth:

Effective control of the plane and depth is a technical difficulty in the entire channel dredging construction. According to the requirements of the plane layout, advanced DGPS equipment should be equipped for ships to achieve precise control of the stern, and corresponding dredging software should be installed in the computer to ensure that it can draw accurate electronic construction drawings based on the dredging position information. At the same time, in the process of controlling the construction progress, tide stations should be arranged in the corresponding areas, and equipment such as water level gauges and super-position telecommunication devices should be configured, and professional personnel should be arranged for real-time supervision.

dredging soil

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