Three types of dredging pipe floats, which one is better?

Metal Pipe Floats

Metal pipe floats were the first to be used for floating dredging pipelines. They are usually made into square or round shapes, and installed under the dredging pipes, to provide buoyancy. Its disadvantage is that they are prone to corrosion. 

Besides, it’s laborious and costly to install and move metal pipe floats. So dredging projects now rarely use metal floats.

HDPE Pipe Floats

HDPE pipe floats now are widely used in the dredging and mining project to provide buoyancy. A pipe float has 2 pipe float halves. The pipe passes through the middle of the floats. It’s very easy to install. HDPE pipe floats can be customized according to different size of pipelines. Compare with metal floats, PE floats have longer working life and are more economical.

HDPE pipe floats

Rubber Pipe Floats

Rubber pipe floats a new type of pipe floats that has appeared in recent years. It was made of high wear resistance natural rubber and PU foam by vulcanizing technology. Compared with PE floats, Rubber pipe floats have longer working life, better toughness. They can withstand wind and waves very well.

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