Why we need to dredge?

Dredging is the artificial dredging, widening or digging of water areas such as rivers and lakes, and underwater earth and stone excavation projects through manpower or machinery. The continuous development of world trade is inseparable from a developed transportation industry, in which water transportation plays a vital role in the trade of goods. In addition, in recent years, people’s requirements for the environment have increased day by day, and people have also put forward new requirements for the pollution control of lakes and rivers. Whether it is the smooth flow of water transportation channels or the control of water pollution, dredging is inseparable.

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Due to the influence of various external factors, rivers will suffer from siltation. If the sediment is not cleared in time, the flood discharge and navigation capabilities of rivers and lakes will be affected. Under normal circumstances, the government will regularly dredge rivers to ensure smooth flow of rivers. In addition, the construction of various ports and docks also requires dredging. The port must ensure that its dredging depth reaches the needs of ships entering the port.

It can be seen that dredging projects play a very important and indispensable role in the development of the national economy, especially water transportation, water conservancy and flood control, industrial development and urban construction, and the offshore energy industry.

However, as we pay more and more attention to the environment, preventing and reducing the pollution of water and land areas caused by dredging activities has become an important issue that must be considered in dredging projects. At present, it has become a consensus to recycle dredged sediments and restore habitats. In addition, many dredging companies have designed a variety of special devices to reduce dredging water pollution. I believe that there will be new technological breakthroughs in the near future, and sustainable dredging is our common goal.

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